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‘Younger’ cars – dating from the 1980s to the 2000s – are rapidly increasing in value and their brand, appeal and features are bound to turn them into hot topics for all motoring enthusiasts.

When we were young, these ‘modern classics’ were the stuff of dreams. They lined our bedroom walls and became the cars that fuelled our passion. Even people who didn’t experience that magical period for themselves can’t help but feel lured by their instant appeal.

Motoring lovers of all ages enjoy the thrill of driving them, as they have minimal electronics but offer the same reliability as modern cars.

With fewer complex electrical systems but modern standards of reliability, these cars are an accessible thrill for motoring lovers of all ages.

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Analogue Drive

without Traction Control, ABS, ESP, ASR


G-Old in the land
of motorsport

The Motor Valley Fest is held in Emilia-Romagna, the birthplace of Italian motorsport. The event focuses on the traditional sense of motoring passion, and the city of Modena – home to some of the world’s most important car makers — will once again be the beating heart of the third edition of the event.

A true festival celebrating the perfect union between the world of engines, innovation, culture and identity, and fine food and wine. The event has become all-embracing, bringing the entire city and surrounding area together with events focusing on three main themes: adrenaline, innovation and exposition.

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